If you have been arrested and are facing criminal charges, it is of the utmost importance to reach out to a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. With many years of experience, I understand how stressful facing criminal charges may be because of the uncertainty they create surrounding your future, including your job, your 

family, your finances, your reputation and your home. I am committed to providing each person who seeks my help

with aggressive and personalized representation from the beginning. I am here to help you assert your rights to the fullest extent of the law if you need  representation in any  criminal matter, such as assault, homicide, domestic violence, criminal sexual conduct, white collar crimes, cyber crimes, weapons charges, or traffic offenses contact MUSSIN & SCANLAND, today.


"When you see a lawyer trying to pick a smart jury, you know he's got a strong case."  F. Lee Bailey 


Criminal Defense work is an extremely technical/ challenging area of the law. Many claim to know criminal law, however, you need someone who specializes in criminal defense and is not afraid to try you legal matter to properly litigate your legal matter. You should not take my word for it, just look at this review:

"Mr. Scanland got two charges dismissed which ended up saving me over $1000 in driver responsibility fees. He called me to update me on the progress of my case. I did not have to contact him. I would recommend him to anyone who is facing a serious criminal charge"

  Mounting a Strong Criminal Defense Against the Prosecution

  A person accused of a crime is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. In a criminal case, the prosecutor has the burden of proof to establish the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt at            trial In Michigan, a “reasonable doubt” is a fair and honest doubt arising from the evidence or lack of evidence presented at trial, based on common sense and an understanding of the facts                              surrounding  
the specific case. Since a defendant’s freedom is often at stake in these proceedings, the reasonable doubt standard is the highest standard in the legal system. It is important to 

  retain a criminal defense attorney who can make sure that the prosecution is able to meet this high burden.

  An experienced criminal defense attorney also will have an understanding of which defense strategies may be appropriate in your case. For example, a Michigan assault charge often may be                    defended by asserting self-defense. There is a state statute on this defense and jury instructions that explain a defendant’s right to self-defense. Once this defense is raised, the court will ask the          jury to evaluate the defendant’s actions according to how the circumstances appeared to the defendant at the time of the incident. For this defense to succeed, the defendant must have had an            honest and reasonable belief that they were at risk of being killed, seriously injured, or sexually assaulted. Even if this belief was later proven to be untrue, a conviction may not be obtained as              long as the belief was reasonable.

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