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It can be difficult to deal with family issues, especially when the law is involved. That’s why at Mussin & Scanland, PLLC, we offer legal support to families throughout Michigan. Discover how we can help you and your loved ones seek solutions in Wayne County or anywhere else in the Downriver area. Our services span statewide, including to residents of Allen Park, Trenton, Rockwood, and Grosse Ile Township. Contact our office in Southgate today to set up a free consultation.


Divorce is not an easy process. It is difficult, it is emotional, and while it may be the end of one of your life’s biggest experiences, it is also the start of something new. Getting you through this process with confidence is our goal. We’ll work to make sure you know what your rights are to marital property and which of your assets are marital and subject to division. We will also walk you through the division of debts and discuss retirements/401(k)s and pension amounts to which you are entitled. Let us help you ensure a fair and equitable distribution of property.

Alimony/Spousal Support

Divorce should not lead to financial crises. Alimony/spousal support is available in most cases and depends on numerous factors that should be discussed with one of our experienced attorneys.

At its core, alimony is designed to level the playing field when there is a disparity in income or assets obtained during the marriage. There are a variety of reasons for an award of spousal support, and figuring out what you are entitled to can be difficult. Our attorneys at Mussin & Scanland, PLLC are ready to help you pursue a proper amount of spousal support.

Child Custody & Parenting Time

As a parent, you have the right to raise your children in an appropriate and supportive home. The most difficult process in a divorce involving minor children is working out a custody agreement that will ensure a smooth and workable schedule for parenting time.

Common parenting time schedules include week-on-week-off, every other weekend, one weekend per month, etc. In some cases, one parent may not be fit to have joint legal or physical custody or even regular parenting time. In those cases, we will seek supervised parenting time, a gradual scale of increasing parenting time over a period of time, or no parenting time whatsoever. With parenting time, there is no standard benchmark, and custody orders rest heavily on the facts and circumstances surrounding each case.



Child Support

Our attorneys can help you pursue the financial support you need to raise your children in a healthy, happy environment. Child support is for the benefit of the minor child. While it is paid to the parent, it is designed to balance known costs and established expenses between the parties in raising a child. Child support payments are intended to assist with costs of living such as:

  • Housing

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • School expenses

  • Medical care

  • Child care

  • Transportation

  • Extracurricular activities and entertainment expenses.

When determining child support, the court considers the best interests of the minor child, the income and earning capacity of the parties, the number of overnights spent with each of the parties, and any other special circumstances.

Child Support Modifications & Enforcement

Child support payments do not change unless the court modifies them. If either the custodial or noncustodial parent experiences a significant change in circumstances, we can guide you through the proper legal procedures to modify your child support payments accordingly.

Advocating for Parents in Child Custody & Parenting Time

Michigan law is moving toward fostering a close relationship between the noncustodial parent and the child. This is because both parents are valuable and needed by children to promote healthy development. This is not to say that every family should have equal parenting time. Such a belief ignores the realities of life and the best interests of the minor child. After all, custody arrangements are determined based on the best interests of the minor children involved.

Talking to an experienced attorney is crucial when dealing with child custody. Experience in the courtroom matters, and you need an attorney who can properly advise you of your rights, protect your wishes, and see to it that your children are given the best chance to thrive. Call us today at Mussin & Scanland, PLLC to start fighting for your rights as a parent.

Same-Sex Marriages

With the latest ruling in the United States Supreme Court on same-sex marriages, same-sex couples face the same challenges as any other married couple. I​f your marriage is ending, you will deal with issues like dividing property and debt in your divorce. If you have children together, your divorce will also cover custody, parenting time, and child support. You need a legal team that can help you navigate through these turbulent times. Let us be the ones to do so.

When you and your family need to put legal matters to rest, reach out to us at Mussin & Scanland, PLLC in Southgate, Michigan. We’re ready to be your advocates no matter where you’re located, including Allen Park, Trenton, Rockwood, Grosse Ile Township, or anywhere else in Wayne County. For experienced legal representation in the Downriver area, contact us today. We’ll schedule a free consultation of your case.


If you are trying to navigate a divorce, a child custody dispute, or another issue of family law, let a knowledgeable team of attorneys lead the way. At Mussin & Scanland, PLLC, we offer dedicated legal guidance to clients in Southgate, Michigan, and throughout the state. Reach out to us when you and your family need to start a new chapter.